A strong body and a confident birth.

Tuesday 8pm cest / 7pm GMT

Friday 9am CEST / 8am GMT

Practicing yoga during pregnancy was a game changer for me. Making sure that my body and mind were not only relaxed and calm but that I also had the strength and flexibility needed to make my pregnancy and birth as easy and as comfortable as possible. Now I want the same for you.


Each week we practice two classes, incorporating prenatal yoga flows, pelvic floor exercises, relaxation, breathwork and hypnobirthing techniques. Using a combination of all of the above during pregnancy aids the mind and body to really learn to relax and surrender to the pregnancy and changes within your body.

The yoga aspect of class will strengthen and create space within your body helping you and your baby to be more comfortable and to help the baby into the best position possible ready for birth. Each class ends with relaxation and Hypnobirthing techniques to really help us get the best out of our practice, relax and release the body and to really start to visualize and plan for our birth ahead.


All classes will be recorded and available to catch up with for 7 days.