Prenatal Yoga

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is going to make sure that your body and mind are not only relaxed and calm but that you have strength and flexibility to make your pregnancy and birth as easy and as comfortable as possible.
Each week we do two classes which incorporate yoga, relaxation, breathwork and relaxation. Using a combination of all of the above during pregnancy aids the mind and body to really learn to relax and surrender to the pregnancy and changes within your body.
The yoga aspect of class will strengthen and lengthen muscles as, especially focusing on the hips and back as this is where we feel it the most within your changing body. We aim to make space within your ever changing body so that both you and the baby are as comfortable and well positioned as possible.

1 month

1. Commit yourself to the practice and try your best to make the two scheduled classes each week. This will build mental strength and dedication and you will reap the benefits within your body. 
2. DO NOT SKIP THE RELAXATION. At the end of each class, we do relaxation incorporating hypnobirthing scripts (luckily for you I´m also a hypnobirthing teacher). It’s so tempting to skip it and jump off the class early. I urge you not too, these scripts are powerful and are absorbed by your subconscious mind, allow yourself that time to notice how it feels to fully relax and surrender, allowing yourself to just do absolutely nothing.
3. Make the most of the free recordings i send you. Add in an extra class during the week or practice the breathwork I teach you. All of this can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

4. Use me, ask me questions, advice anything that is coming up for you. I am here to help you navigate through your pregnancy and beyond so please don’t be shy, ask away, no question is too silly I promise you, I’ve heard it all!


· Yoga mat · Excercise ball · Cushions or Bolster · Blanket · Journal & Pen ·



All classes and recordings will be on zoom. You will need to download the app to your desktop then simply type in the meeting ID and password for each class.


Make sure you have a strong wifi connection and use an iPad or or computer for the best views.


Create a clean comfortable yoga space for yourself. De clutter it as much as possible and make sure you have enough space to be able to move around your mat.

1 month

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