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Hi, I am Hannah a busy mum to my four year old daughter Tanner, life is hectic but wonderfully so. 


Yoga has provided me with the tools to find balance and peace in this ever-changing and sometimes challenging world. The practice has provided me with strength, flexibility beyond limits and self-confidence. Over the years I have gained freedom of the mind and this is at the core of what I wish to share with others in my teaching.

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My passion for the body, mind and soul was ignited at the early age of two when I began my journey towards becoming a professional dancer. My dance career gave me the freedom to travel the world, exploring cultures and traditions where I took the opportunities to engage in mindfulness and wellbeing. It is through these experiences I discovered the power of yoga, which now encompasses every element of my life, both emotional and physical. 

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Having completed over 1000 hours of training to extend my knowledge of Hatha, Bikram and Vinyasa yoga, I then further developed my practice to include both prenatal and postnatal yoga and finally Hypnobirthing.

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Happiness is within us and by recognising and embracing this we live happier, more fulfilled lives. My belief is that the disciplines and foundations of yoga have the ability to change us all for the better thus enabling us to positively impact on others.