Focus on every stage of your pregnancy and birth

Saturday 7 January / Saturday 14 January / Saturday 21 January/ Saturday 28 January

10am - 1pm CEST / 9am - 12pm GMT  / 1pm - 4pm GST

My group Hypnobirthing course is taught via zoom from the comfort of your own home. This offers you the advantage of meeting other couples who are on the same birthing journey as you, a bond which often continues into motherhood and beyond. The course is unique in that it is modern, packed with practical resources, evidence based and completely geared towards parent's needs. Following the completion of the full course you will feel calm, excited, supported and looking forward to your baby's birth.

Over the duration of the 12 hours, we will spend together we focus on educating both mother and birth partner on the physiology, psychology and anatomy of birth.

Each couple receives a parent's handbook, full of resources, positive birth videos and recommended reading lists. As well as Hypnobirthing playlists including music, relaxation scripts and affirmations. On completion of the course, I offer my ongoing support to each couple. Along with the education and knowledge that I provide you can also expect lots of fun and giggles as we tackle all aspects of pregnancy, labour and birth.

All classes include:

• 12 hours tuition
• Hypnobirthing parents manual.
• Recorded relaxation and hypnosis tracks.
• Birth / relaxation playlists.
• Online resources, including book lists, positive birth videos and research lists.
• Ongoing support until your baby’s birth.


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