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Just what we all need this January, a whole month of self care practices to get us moving and flowing into 2022.
Together, let's build a set of new positive habits to ensure that we can glide through the new year with inner strength, peace and a greater sense of well- being. We will start our journey on the 3rd of January with our welcome circle, meditation, journalling and intention setting for the month ahead.
From there we will meet every Monday and Wednesday morning for a 90 minute session, incorporating, breathwork, journaling and a whole body yoga flow to help, release and move our whole being, creating space in our body, an ease in our joints and a spring in our step. On Friday evening’s we meet to relax and unwind. After a short yoga sequence to unwind any tight or sore spots, we then get quiet and cosy with our pillows and blankets to enjoy a relaxed guided meditation, yoga nidra or soothing hypnosis script. Leaving you feeling all scrummy and light for your weekend ahead. To add the cherry on top of the cake ! I have created you a recipe booklet, with all of my favourite recipes included. Think smoothies, energy balls and soups galore. It's definately not a diet plan, More like an addition plan! Delicious healthy recipes that can be added into your life and weekly food prep. Healthy good food, plain and simple. The tools I teach you are not just for the month we are together. These tools are life tools, they can be taken with you, used at any opportunity when calm, rest or relaxation is needed. Once you see the benefits that these practices bring you, you will be pulling them out of your self care tool kit for years to come. So let's get started, the early bird price of £95 is available till December 26th after which it goes up to the full price of £135.
So let's go, get booked and get rolling into 2022 …………...



1 .Set yourself a morning routine, this is crucial for setting up your day and fitting everything in.Prep your meditation space the night before, set your alarm early before anybody else is up. You will thank yourself for this i promise you.

2. Cut down on screen time (i know, i know) but at least don’t look at your phone until after your morning meditation. Keep electronics out of the bedroom and no phone time for an hour two if you can before bed.

3. Make a commitment to yourself that for the next month each morning you are going to get up, straight into your meditation and journaling. This is your daily checking in with yourself, what’s happening with you today? How are you feeling? what’s changing? Even if you can’t manage the full three pages just write something, it’s always better than nothing. Get used to setting up your day the right way.

4. Any situations or stresses that come up in the day is a perfect time to practice your breathwork we have been doing. Take a minute, calm the breath, tune into the body. Use the tools we are learning and incorporate them into your life.

5. If you are going to be using the recipes then prep for them. Cut and freeze your bananas ready for the week ahead. Juice your shots and freeze them into ice cube trays ready to be popped out each day. Make your bliss balls and store them in an airtight container in the fridge ready for snacks. Again it’s all about making life easier for yourself.

6. I recommend that you to make use of the yoga video recordings and add at least one extra yoga class into your schedule. A friday would be a good day to replay the video, jump on your mat and let the yoga really get into your body. If you wanted to you could even practice everyday!!


· Yoga mat · Yoga blocks x2 · Yoga strap · Blanket · Cushions · Journal & Pen ·



All classes and recordings will be on zoom. You will need to download the app to your desktop then simply type in the meeting ID and password for each class.


Make sure you have a strong wifi connection and use an iPad or or computer for the best views.


Create a clean comfortable yoga space for yourself. De clutter it as much as possible and make sure you have enough space to be able to move around your mat.


I'm so happy you are here

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